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Online Feldenkrais Classes
Awareness Through Movement

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Stay youthful, agile and energised by exercising in an easy, fun way.  Take the grunt out of exercising by tuning in to how you are moving. Discover how to move in comfort and expand your flexibility.  Improve your movement prowess not through muscular effort, but by learning smart ways to move.


Classes are non competitive and you are encouraged to take care of yourself. You are verbally guided through movement sequences. At the end of the class you feel freer in your movement and often more relaxed and refreshed.

Monday, Tuesday , Thursday evenings - 5.30pm (AEDT)

 First class is free

 Once you have enrolled a zoom link will be emailed to you



Do you find it difficult to switch off after a busy day?  Do you get stuck on your problems? Do you shy away from confrontation or react aggressively with force? Would you like to be more resilient, have greater confidence and feel stronger? 

Through training in Aikido you develop greater stability, learn how to generate easy power and focus your mind. You become adept in navigating your way through martial techniques and in falling and getting up. By meeting these challenges you gain confidence, resilience and strength. 


Tuesday Thursday evenings 7.30- 9pm (AEST)

Sunday morning 8am- 10.30 am (AEST)

Caulfield Judo Club - Glenhuntly


First class is free

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