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Regaining balance to build resilience


Feel stronger immediately

by using your brain differently as you exercise


To manage life’s demands and achieve your goals you know it’s important to be positive and strong. But it’s not all about strength and a positive mindset. If you don’t understand the importance of coordinating your body and mind you reduce your ability to be adaptable and resilient.

In this first workshop in our series you will discover how by smoothly coordinating all the parts of your body you can feel and be more balanced. You will explore how to let go of habitual overuse or protective patterns and learn how to move in a more grounded and integrated manner.


This Feldenkrais workshop by Ruth Frommer will cover an exciting array of Awareness Through Movement lessons and insights about balance and resilience from both Feldenkrais and Aikido. 

Sunday 19th May 1.30 - 4.30pm


Cost $80

Early Bird $70 till 29th April

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