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Creating Change


'If you know what you do, you can do what you want.'

                                                        Moshe Feldenkrais

Learning how to learn

Recent studies into the brain and how we learn have validated the Feldenkrais Method. 

Moshe Feldenkrais incorporated principles from physics, engineering and Judo to create his unique method, which is a model of learning how to learn. Here are some of the core concepts of the Feldenkrais Method that facilitate learning.

​Body and Mind unity

The beauty of body and mind unity is that you can create change in how you are feeling by discovering and learning how you move which subsequently enhances your body and self image. Alternatively you can change how you move by changing how you feel and think. 



Over your life you will have developed habits of how you think, move and act in the world.

The good thing about a habit is that it requires no thought and gets the job done. However, 

if you are unaware of your habits they may be limiting you or worse, causing you to repeat the same ineffective behavior over again and again. For example; if you often sit slouched 

with your shoulders rounded you may feel a bit downcast and experience neck and shoulder pain.

Awareness, the key to change

The Feldenkrais Method develops your kinesthetic sense and your body awareness. You learn to feel what is going on in your body. The good news is that by being mindful you can become aware of your habits and have the opportunity to change them. This can give you more possibilities in how you move, feel and act in the world. In the above example you could choose to sit tall which may ease any discomfort and make you feel happier.

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